Olivia - Owner of Rib and Stitch Yarn Store
Olivia – Owner of Rib and Stitch Yarn Store

I am an avid knitter and crocheter. I opened Rib and Stitch Yarn Store because I wanted to create a place where people like me get to share ideas, learn new skills, post tips, and just enjoy the fruits of their craft.
“Old World Quality with New World Fashions!” That’s my motto!
For me, knitting evokes memories of Summer vacations as a young girl, back in the old country. I spent those Summers visiting my grandmother, in the countryside, and sitting with her while she crocheted waves and waves of lace.
When the time came for the village girls to get married, they would come to see my grandmother and ask her to make the lace for them, for their dowry. The lace was used to trim the sheets that would adorn the beds in their new homes.
My grandmother was the one that taught me how to knit and crochet, and to do it with love. She used to say, “There is no greater joy than to see the happiness on a person’s face when they see your finished piece and know you made it for them.”
To this day, I am in love with the craft. The fiber is sensual, and love alpaca, silk and mink. I knit when I want to feel peaceful and content. I have such pride when I see my finished product, but my true passion lies in passing on these feelings to the next generation by keeping this precious tradition alive.
I warmly invite you to join me in experiencing the beauty of knitting, crocheting, understanding the quality of different yarns, and learning the tradition passed down through the generations.